HRM Consulting has developed a reputation for excellence. Here is what some of our clients have had to say regarding our outstanding service:

John Spencer, Co-Founder at STR Helper

HRM provides us with not only deep insight to the ever-shifting dynamics of the short term rental market as a whole, but particularly to the landscape in Southern California. Traditionally, we have been very strong in the resort markets and their insights into the urban markets is invaluable

Cara Brown, Owner at Catalina Property, LLC

Robert St. Genis tirelessly defended a difficult PR position concerning Vacation Rentals, he created an organization,  recruited members, raised money, engaged politicians and basically was a David against a Goliath for many years forging a new industry amidst a tsunami of opposition. He was stalwart and resilient.

Andy Griggs, Partner and CO-owner at DragonflyHill Urban Farm and Tax Services

I met Robert in his position of Executive Director of LA Short Term Rental Alliance (LASTRA), and its successor organization, Short Term Rental Alliance of California (STRACA). As a short-term rental host myself, and as an active advocate for home-sharing among other causes, I found a kindred spirit in Robert. He is very well organized, and his passion, drive, and infectious energy would be an asset for any campaign to which he set his mind. I look forward to future collaborations with him.

Sharlotte Blake, President at LA Lux Rents

I met Robert through his role at LASTRA as an advocate for short term rental managers, owners and guests. Robert did a fantastic job organizing and mobilizing many of us to fight in an organized and effective manner to achieve reasonable regulation in Los Angeles for our city. He then mobilized the entire state with the formation of STRACA to fight the battle at a state level. We became friends through this venture and I find Robert to be a passionate worker, a loyal friend and an intelligent and well educated advocate.

Robin Wallace, Co-Owner at Cottage in Silverlake

My husband and I have been working with Robert for the past few years and we highly recommend him. His determination, breadth of knowledge, and people skills are beyond measure. An asset to any organization or individual client, Robert gives 150%, and in the most positive way possible. He's just the kind of person you want to have at your side at the negotiating table.

Kerry Hirschberg, Owner at Check-In LA

I worked closely and frequently as a volunteer with LASTRA & STRACA with Robert during his time with the organizations. His endless determination and pursuit drew me in constantly, even when I frequently kept thinking in my head I needed a break, wanted to say no. He encouraged me and worked with me on public speaking. We worked together planning many events. He pushed me to bring in sponsors, new members for the organization, all in a way that kept me wanting to keep helping, being apart of the growth. When he left, the absence was immediately felt. We have had no leadership since and there is no sense of inspiration or desire.

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