HRM Consulting has proven results in the following areas


"Gig"/shared economy consulting

Not-for-profit consulting

Public & Municipal Utility consulting

Government Procurement / RFP resourcing

Campaign consulting

Not-for-profit & campaign fundraising

Community planning & organizing

Social justice advocacy


HRM Consulting will build your organization from the ground up. We work with you on the creation of a mission, building of a brand. We make your product known in local and state government. Our team will build public awareness and shield you from it as appropriate. We work with our government clients on the creation of effective reasonable regulations, new programs, public awareness campaigns.


HRM Consulting has extensive experience advocating for a wide array of issues from the grassroots level to chief executives. Our team will collaborate and bring in outside partners when and if needed to customize the best strategies to achieve your goals. HRM will hold meetings with government staff, elected officials, strategic partners and other stakeholders. Our extensive experience in community advocacy allows us to connect governments to members of their communities, easing the line of communication.

Experienced leaders at HRM can organize community organizers, rallies and public speakers. HRM's PR pros can seek earned media opportunities where appropriate, advise clients on opportunities for sponsorships and direct advertising. We will represent you at events from city council hearings to receptions and other social events. As your advocate we will ensure that you get the best results.


HRM Consulting delivers results. Our wide array of talents, unprecedented commitment and dedication will deliver results to meet your goals. We have leaders to assist you in the areas of Shared Economy, Nonprofit, Public & Municipal Utility, Government Procurement, Campaigns, Nonprofit & Campaign Fundraising, Community Planning & Organizing and Social Justice Advocacy.

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